Aaron was born in a small town in northern Germany, but his family soon moved to the south and eventually ended up in an equally small town in Baden-Württemberg. The universe and its sentient inhabitants on earth (and maybe elsewhere) have always captured Aaron’s imagination. After finishing high school, he therefore decided to study physics in Heidelberg – a metropolis by his standards. During his studies, Aaron became more and more fascinated with the multitude of incredibly complex mechanisms found in biological systems and decided to focus on biophysics. The joy of applying techniques from the physicist’s toolbox to biological questions has stayed with him throughout his bachelor’s and master’s degree, eventually leading him to start a PhD at the Hilbert Lab, where he will focus, among other things, on using polymer models and machine learning to help unravel the biological purposes of 3D genome organization.
Besides biophysics, Aaron’s interests include reading, yoga and playing the piano.

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