The figure shows actin bundle formation after mitosis. Actin was visualized using recombinantly expressed actin chromobody with green fluorescent protein as a fluorescence marker and a nuclear localization sequence (NLS) to restrict detection to within the cell nucleus (nAC-GFP, generous gift from Grosse Lab, Uni Freiburg).

Time-lapse images are single confocal sections chosen from z-stacks containing 34 confocal sections, step distance 300 nm, and covering the cell cycle phase from anaphase to G1. Time-lapse data were recorded from primary cell cultures obtained from wild-type zebrafish embryos using instant-SIM confocal microscopy. Full three-dimensional image stacks were acquired every minute. Note that overall fluorescence signal decayed over time due to photo-bleaching.

Images recorded and prepared by Yuzhi Bao.


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