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Synchronization of oscillatory growth prepares fungal hyphae for fusion. Valentin Wernet, Vojtěch Kumpošt, Ralf Mikut, Lennart Hilbert, Reinhard Fischer; elife, 83310, 2023

Transcriptional clusters follow a conserved condensation-dispersal sequence during stem cell differentiation.
Tim Klingberg*, Irina Wachter*, Agnieszka Pancholi, Yomna Gohar, Priya Kumar, Marcel Sobucki, Elisa Kämmer, Süheyla Eroğlu-Kayikçi, Sylvia Erhardt, Carmelo Ferrai, Vasily Zaburdaev, Lennart Hilbert**; bioRxiv preprint, 2023 (*equal contribution, **corresponding author)

Amphiphiles formed from synthetic DNA-nanomotifs mimic the step-wise dispersal of transcriptional clusters in the cell nucleus.
Xenia Tschurikow*, Aaron Gadzekpo*, Mai P. Tran, Rakesh Chatterjee, Marcel Sobucki, Vasily Zaburdaev, Kerstin pfrich, Lennart Hilbert**; Nano Letters, 3c01301, 2023 (*equal contribution, **corresponding author)

Noise facilitates entrainment of a population of uncoupled limit cycle oscillators. Vojtěch Kumpošt, Lennart Hilbert*, Ralf Mikut*; Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 20(198):20220781, 2023 (*co-corresponding authors)


Deep-learning microscopy image reconstruction with quality control reveals second-scale rearrangements in RNA polymerase II clusters. Hamideh Hajiabadi*, Irina Mamontova*, Roshan Prizak, Agnieszka Pancholi, Anne Koziolek**, Lennart Hilbert**; PNAS Nexus, 1(3):pgac065, 2022 (*equal contribution, **joint supervision)

A DNA segregation module for synthetic cells. Mai P Tran, Rakesh Chatterjee, Yannik Dreher, Julius Fichtler, Kevin Jahnke, Lennart Hilbert, Vasily Zaburdaev, Kerstin Göpfrich; Small, Online Early, 2022; Link to bioRxiv preprint

Clustered transposon insertion via formation of chromatin loops. Roshan Prizak*, Lennart Hilbert*; bioRxiv preprint, 2022 (*co-corresponding authors)


RNA polymerase II clusters form in line with surface condensation on regulatory chromatin. Agnieszka Pancholi*, Tim Klingberg*, Weichun ZhangRoshan Prizak, Irina Mamontova, Amra Noa, Marcel Sobucki, Andrei Yu KobitskiG Ulrich Nienhaus**, Vasily Zaburdaev**Lennart Hilbert**; Molecular Systems Biology 17:e10272, 2021 (*equal contribution, **co-corresponding authors)

A stochastic oscillator model simulates the entrainment of vertebrate cellular clocks by light. Vojtěch Kumpošt, Daniela Vallone, Srinivas Babu Gondi, Nicholas S Foulkes*, Ralf Mikut*, Lennart Hilbert*; Scientific Reports 11:14497, 2021 (*co-corresponding authors)

The hierarchical packing of euchromatin domains can be described as multiplicative cascades. Amra Noa, Hui-Shun Kuan, Vera Aschmann, Vasily Zaburdaev, Lennart Hilbert; PLOS Computational Biology 17(5):e1008974, 2021

Transcription organizes euchromatin via microphase separation. Lennart Hilbert, Yuko Sato*, Ksenia Kuznetsova*, Tommaso Bianucci*, Hiroshi Kimura, Frank Jülicher, Alf Honigmann, Vasily Zaburdaev**, Nadine L Vastenhouw**; Nature Communications 12:1316, 2021 (*equal contribution, **shared supervision)


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Quantitative measurements of chromatin modification dynamics during zygotic genome activation. Yuko Sato, Lennart Hilbert, Haruka Oda, Yinan Wan, John M Heddleston, Teng-Leong Chew, Vasily Zaburdaev, Philipp Keller, Timothee Lionnet, Nadine Vastenhouw, Hiroshi Kimura; Development 146, 2019

2017 and before

A tunable refractive index matching medium for live imaging cells, tissues and model organisms. Tobias Boothe, Lennart Hilbert, Michael Heide, Lea Berninger, Wieland B Huttner, Vasily Zaburdaev, Nadine L Vastenhouw, Eugene W Myers, David N Drechsel, Jochen C Rink; eLife 27240, 2017

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