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  • Instant-SIM microscope

    Instant-SIM microscope
  • Chromatin distribution in nuclei of a pluripotent zebrafish embryo

    The image shows the DNA distribution in different nuclei contained within a pluripotent zebrafish embryo. The image data were obtained with a Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) super-resolution microscope at the Karlsruhe Center for Optics and Photonics by Lennart Hilbert. The image was used as the June 2021 issue cover for PLoS Computational Biology

  • Stages of Zebrafish Development

    Illustrations of the stages “oblong”, “sphere”, “dome”, “30% epiboly” and “50% epiboly” of the embryonic development in zebrafish. At the reference temperature of 28.5°C, the developmental stages occur at the indicated time points, measured in hours post fertilization (hpf). Illustration by Xenia Tschurikow.

  • Visualisation of Nuclear Actin Bundles after Cell Division

    The figure shows actin bundle formation after mitosis. Actin was visualized using recombinantly expressed actin chromobody with green fluorescent protein as a fluorescence marker and a nuclear localization sequence (NLS) to restrict detection to within the cell nucleus (nAC-GFP, generous gift from Grosse Lab, Uni Freiburg). Time-lapse images are single confocal sections chosen from z-stacks […]

  • Indian Cook-Off & Dinner

    Indian Cook-Off & Dinner

    Past Friday the lab (plus guests Changjing & Isu from Beijing) got together for dinner. It was a high-stakes cook-off between Biryani and a Chana Masala. However, as both the competitors Agnieszka and Roshan started helping each other in the preparation process, a winner could not be determined. Incredibly tasty nonetheless!

  • Modellansatz Podcast Interview with Lennart

    Modellansatz Podcast Interview with Lennart

    Lennart went for an interview with the Podcast “Modellansatz”. Find the conversation with Gudrun Thäther, and links to many, many more insightful podcasts here:

  • Lab Window Gallery

    Lab Window Gallery

    We have a great view from the lab, with plenty of window space. How would one still upgrade it? Get chalk markers, and start Drawing on the windows! We have reached some pretty good coverage by now, so soon we’ll have to erase and replace…

  • Hilbert lab stickers

    Hilbert lab stickers

    We had a first batch of 250 of these printed short after opening the lab, let’s see when it’s time for the next one…

  • Our first fish embryos…

    Our first fish embryos…

    Thank you for the stereoscope Sepand, and Dickmeis and Weiss labs for fish while our babies are growing!

  • Lattice simulation paintings

    Lattice simulation paintings

    This set of paintings of lattice simulation output was a present for Lennart’s brother and his (the brother’s) girlfriend. It is currently on the wall in their apartment.