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  • Mona Wellhäusser

    Mona grew up in Achern, a city in southern Germany at the foot of the Black Forest. During high school, she chose biology as one of her main subjects and never looked back. After finishing school, she wanted to see the world and ventured on the strenuous, demanding, 50 km journey to Karlsruhe. There, she […]

  • Ajit Roy

    Ajit Roy

    Ajit was born in Rasikpur, a small village in hilly East Singhbhum, Jharkhand, India before moving to Kolkata, where he spent rest of his childhood and teenage years. From young age he was interested in making and breaking things. So, after completing his schooling from Baranagar Vidyamandir he did engineering in Optoelectronics at the University […]

  • Maria Kokarakis

    Maria has Greek roots but grew up in a small town near Mannheim. She started her scientific journey with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Chemistry at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, which ignited her love for research. Seeking new challenges, she then pursued a Master’s degree in Karlsruhe and fell head over heels for […]

  • Nils Friederich

    Nils was born in Lüdenscheid but grew up in Sankt Augustin near Bonn. He started his bachelor’s degree in computer science at KIT and finished it at the University of Duisburg-Essen. After a gap year, he came back to KIT for his master’s. He did his master’s thesis at Fraunhofer IOSB in Karlsruhe. His thesis […]

  • Instant-SIM microscope

    Instant-SIM microscope
  • Chromatin distribution in nuclei of a pluripotent zebrafish embryo

    The image shows the DNA distribution in different nuclei contained within a pluripotent zebrafish embryo. The image data were obtained with a Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) super-resolution microscope at the Karlsruhe Center for Optics and Photonics by Lennart Hilbert. The image was used as the June 2021 issue cover for PLoS Computational Biology

  • Stages of Zebrafish Development

    Illustrations of the stages “oblong”, “sphere”, “dome”, “30% epiboly” and “50% epiboly” of the embryonic development in zebrafish. At the reference temperature of 28.5°C, the developmental stages occur at the indicated time points, measured in hours post fertilization (hpf). Illustration by Xenia Tschurikow.

  • Visualisation of Nuclear Actin Bundles after Cell Division

    The figure shows actin bundle formation after mitosis. Actin was visualized using recombinantly expressed actin chromobody with green fluorescent protein as a fluorescence marker and a nuclear localization sequence (NLS) to restrict detection to within the cell nucleus (nAC-GFP, generous gift from Grosse Lab, Uni Freiburg). Time-lapse images are single confocal sections chosen from z-stacks […]

  • Aaron Gadzekpo

    Aaron was born in a small town in northern Germany, but his family soon moved to the south and eventually ended up in an equally small town in Baden-Württemberg. The universe and its sentient inhabitants on earth (and maybe elsewhere) have always captured Aaron’s imagination. After finishing high school, he therefore decided to study physics […]

  • Elisa Kämmer

    Elisa was born in Bruchsal in 2001, where she has lived her whole life. In 2019, she graduated from Justus-Knecht-Gymnasium in Bruchsal. After that she did a gap year and worked in an elementary school, as she wanted to become a teacher. She then quickly realised that she wanted to start an apprenticeship in biology […]