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  • Aaron Gadzekpo

    Aaron was born in a small town in northern Germany, but his family soon moved to the south and eventually ended up in an equally small town in Baden-Württemberg. The universe and its sentient inhabitants on earth (and maybe elsewhere) have always captured Aaron’s imagination. After finishing high school, he therefore decided to study physics […]

  • Elisa Kämmer

    Elisa was born in Bruchsal in 2001, where she has lived her whole life. In 2019, she graduated from Justus-Knecht-Gymnasium in Bruchsal. After that she did a gap year and worked in an elementary school, as she wanted to become a teacher. She then quickly realised that she wanted to start an apprenticeship in biology […]

  • Süheyla Eroğlu-Kayıkçı

    Süheyla was born and spent the first years of her life in Constance, and later moved close to Stuttgart with her family. After graduating from high school she started to study business informatics. She quickly realized that this subject was not was she expected. She then decided to do an apprenticeship as biological lab technician, […]

  • Yuzhi Bao

    Yuzhi Bao

    Yuzhi was born in Liaoyang, a “small” city in northeastern China. Interestingly, like in Germany, sauerkraut is a favourite traditional food in Liaoyang. He spent his childhood and most of his school years there. After graduating from Liaoyang No. 1 Senior High School, he went to Nanjing, a city that had been the capital of […]

  • Xenia Tschurikow

    Xenia was born in Karaganda, a big city in the eastern center of Kazakhstan. Just aged three, she and her family moved to Schwedt, Germany, and later on to a small village near Rottweil, where she spent most of her schooldays. Right after graduating from high school in Königsfeld, she went to Karlsruhe to study […]

  • Hamideh Hajiabadi

    Hamideh was born in Birjand, which was a small friendly city and is currently the centre of South Khorasan province in Iran. She graduated from National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) high school and then left town to start her Bachelor in Software Engineering at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM). Hamideh’s Master thesis […]

  • Irina Mamontova

    Irina Mamontova

    Irina was born in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. At the age of five she moved to Heilbronn/Germany with her family. Initially, she did not want to learn the German language, which in the meantime became her chosen mother tongue. While school was not always easy for her, she did graduate from high school and […]

  • Roshan Prizak

    Roshan Prizak

    Roshan spent the first fifteen years of his life in Ongole, a hot and dry town on the south eastern coast of India. After spending two years in Hyderabad eating biryanis and reading random fiction from his mother’s book collection, he moved to Mumbai to study Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay. Five years in this […]

  • Tommaso Bianucci

    Tommaso Bianucci

    Tommaso is from Italy and grew up enjoying the snowy mountains in the winter and the salty seaside in the summer. He studied Mathematics at the University of Pisa, focusing on computational mathematics, and worked for a software company becoming a programmer. He then decided it was time to pursue his dream of becoming a scientist: he […]

  • Lennart Hilbert

    Lennart Hilbert

    Lennart was raised in a small town in East-Westphalia, Germany. As he didn’t quite fit with the reserved people of Westphalia, he went to Bremen to study Physics. Bremen turned out equally reserved, leading him finally to outgoing Montréal, QC, Canada. Here he combined theory and experiment during his PhD in Physiology (McGill University). Having […]